If you really want true skill


If you want Hip-Hop to build


We’ll be rockin’ all year round

-Blowe, KRS-One feat. Redman

sayBLOWE is for: The kid posting flyers on telephone poles at 2am. The DJ who needs that drip for the new tour, and the designers and artists who have it. The entrepreneurs who believe luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. And all the poets who just want to be loved.

“Hello crypto Hip Hop is home”
~sayBLOWE. 2021


Introducing the first ever Dynamic NFT

Dynamic Rating

If you want
to innovate

About Us

sayBLOWE is a multidimensional Blockchain platform with the mandate to be the catalyst in the advancement of HipHop culture. By utilizing Blockchain technology sayBLOWE is combining the most disruptive technology in modern human history with its cultural counterpart. We recognize the limitless potential of a borderless, trustless technology powering a borderless, creatively infectious culture that has grown from street corners in the Bronx NY to every corner of the globe in the span of half a century.

We think there is unlimited potential in creating a blockchain home for Hip Hop to build. In order to achieve this potential, sayBLOWE will use Chainlink oracles in our first innovation. sayBLOWE will foster the creation of Dynamic NFT’s by matching Hip Hop’s most celebrated musicians with renowned digital artists to create dynamic ERC-721 NFT’s. Each dynamic NFT will be an accurate representation of the success or failure of the musician it depicts. Accomplishing this requires sayBLOWE to leverage Chainlink Oracles as a means of connecting each NFT to high-quality external data sources, since the blockchain cannot interact with the outside world by itself. The data will be specific to each musician and used to generate an overall score that will live on the blockchain and be tied directly to a corresponding NFT of that musician. Chainlink’s existing oracle infrastructure makes it easy to retrieve any data source and bring it on to the blockchain in a secure and reliable manner, ensuring that each sayBLOWE Dynamic NFT will reflect the most accurate and up-to-date data on a specific artist.

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sayBLOWE Dynamic NFT Auction vol. 1

If you want
to advance
the culture

16 of the DOPEST visual artists BUILD with 16 of the GREATEST MC'S

De-Fi application based on Live Dynamic NFT Ratings

A museum of modern culture