Pioneering the art of the NFT revenue stream, we maximize value for music rights holders. Our NFT campaigns leverage the versatility of NFTs.

Exclusive NFT
Market place

Our curated marketplace showcases established digital artists as well as legendary Hip-Hop visual artists making their NFT débuts.


Leveraging ChainLink Verifiable Random Function (VRF), we have created the first accurate, trustless RAP artist statistics. Multiple games will reward those who know the RAP GAME.


Experience the REALEST NFT's, first

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3 - 12 month NFT campaigns create unprecedented engagement opportunities.

Face melting multi-media collaborations breath new life into legendary Hip-Hop music.

The premier NFT campaign service for the Hip-Hop industry. Our loUD NFTs are a vessel for artist to create value for their elite fans. loUD NFT Campaigns are specific to the Hip-Hop: artist, album, song or moment in time we are immortalizing. As a NEW revenue stream for all artists, loUD NFT campaigns are a complement to any content schedule too valuable to pass on.

De-fi and revenue sharing options turn Fans to Investors.

About It

A community-oriented platform that produces custom, innovative and scarce (ERC-721, ERC-1122) NFT’s that combine value from H i p . H o p: music, art, film, media and collectibles. Built on the Ethereum Network, it aims to build an ecosystem where fans become investors – artists become brands – brands become landmarks! 

sayB L O W E is fueled by a circular economy. Its unique DEFI applications allow BLOWE token holders to earn, stake, participate in community events and rate Rap: musicians/ albums/ songs influencing value of their gamified, dynamic - live NFT’s in the sayB L O W E ecosystem.

sayB L O W E combines the trustless, verifiable technology of NFT’s with curated exhibits and auctions celebrating, honoring and respecting Hip-Hop’s most collectible: artists, musicians, performers, moments, events and films.

sayB L O W E collaborates with musicians, producers artists, filmmakers, brands and others in the many industries Hip-Hop influences – to produce meaningful NFT projects that bring value and innovation to H i p . H o p x C r y p t o.


There will be multiple ways to earn BLOWE Token. All you need is internet x Hip-Hop.


sayBLOWE: liVE, loUD, NFT Marketplace and future gaming will all be powered by BLOWE Token.


BLOWE Token holders will stake tokens to receive exclusive NFT airdrops, experiences, voting privileges and the ability to speculate on liVE scores.


sayB L O W E x Collaborations

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